I was interviewed by Mike Smith who is Director of News Operations for a group of Clear Channel Radio Stations throughout a five county area of southern Ohio. He asked me why I considered myself average. I said: “Because I … Continue reading


Yesterday I wrote an entry about breaking the 5th Commandment (“Thou shalt not kill.”) within the context of America’s poor environmental track record and it’s ongoing fatal ramifications. Today the theme continues… San Francisco Chronicle reporter James Sterngold wrote a … Continue reading


We traveled to Anathon Farm in Luck, Wisconsin (pop. 1,200). The sign coming in says: “You Are Now In Luck.” And we were. We researched an ultra-earth friendly farm (two-acre organic garden, solar shower, solar panels, straw-bale insulation, compost toilets…) … Continue reading


We’re  concerned about Iran and North Korea developing nuclear missiles.   Meanwhile, we   have thousands of nuclear missiles aimed all over the world — including at Iran and North Korea.   HELLO AMERICA!   During an interview in northwestern … Continue reading


The following is an excerpt from the beginning of a column I’m currently working on: Okay, let’s talk “weapons of mass destruction.” They seem to be causing the darndest problems these days. We thought Iraq had them. And boy, look … Continue reading