More summary updates from the last few days: In Winona, Minnesota I interviewed Paul and Sarah Freid who are live-in volunteers at a Catholic Worker house for the homeless there. Paul, who was a theology major in college, said the … Continue reading


The following is a summary of some of the other stops last week: During an interview with a reporter for The Monroe (WS) Times, I said our agricultural platform calls for much more organic farming because modern herbacides, pestacides and … Continue reading


My wife Liz was two months pregnant with our fourth child when she had a miscarriage in La Crosse, Wisconsin Saturday night. As providence would have it, we were staying at the home of Martha and Kevin Helin at the … Continue reading


In Beloit, Wisconsin, at Our Lady of Assumption Church, I came across a pamphlet called: “Sing a Little Louder.” It was written by a Christian woman who lived in Germany during the Holocaust. She wrote her church was on a … Continue reading


We traveled west to Carpentersville, Illinois. A man-on-the street here told me he’d just gotten a speeding ticket — in the mail. He said he’d recently been on the interstate and a computerzed surveillance camera and attached radar gun, took … Continue reading


While in South Bend, Indiana, I interviewed Professor Mike Griffin who teaches theology at Holy Cross College here. He is also quite active with the Catholic Peace Fellowship Group and believes there should be provision for those soldiers who believe … Continue reading


While in South Bend, Indiana, I interviewed Jonah Smith in regard to an expanded position paper we’re doing on the environment. Smith, who majored in Ecology at Rutgers University, said farm run off in the Mississippi River Watershed Region is … Continue reading


In South Bend, Indiana, I interviewed Professor Margie Pfeil who teaches Moral Theology and Social Ethics at Notre Dame University. (She is also one of the founders of a Catholic Worker House here.) In regard to social ethics, she said … Continue reading


While in northern Indiana, we learned of an excellent social justice program. In Kimmel, Indiana, a group of farmers (and others) are involved with a “Common Ground Growing Project.” They are farming a common plot of land, with the proceeds … Continue reading