We’ve been at home preparing the campaign vehicles for the next Ohio tour legs.   We’ve had to replace a master cylinder, a transmission starter switch, a battery… and thus is the lot of an independent presidential candidate with old … Continue reading


In my last post, I talked about a brand of “Social Justice Football” we’re involved with here in Cleveland.   The concept, in part, actually originated from a ball diamond cut out of a corn field in Arthur, Illinois.   … Continue reading


We continue to be back in the Cleveland area where  we’re working on position papers, filing, tour itineray,  and yard work.   The other night our family took a break to play some “Social Justice Football” at the Catholic Worker … Continue reading


We attended the Green Party National Convention last month in Pennsylvania.   (I am currently vying for the Green Party presidential nomination.)   A video from the Presidential Candidate’s Forum to the general assembly was released recently.   To view … Continue reading


I attended a Bible Study in Avon Lake, Ohio.   The readings revolved around the prophet Isaiah telling the Isrealites that they were so concerned with shiny “anklets… pendants… and veils…” — that they’d forgotten about the poor.   And … Continue reading


We’ve come back home to Cleveland.  I interviewed Athmo Bhandari in nearby Westlake, Ohio.   He’s from India.   He said the people of America are already at war, with themselves.   That is, he said an extremely large portion … Continue reading


“average JoeOhio Tour” cont:   I gave a talk at Sacred Heart Church in Fremont today.   The reading during the Mass was about the Isrealites of old worshipping false gods, like “Baahl.”   I said our modern day false … Continue reading


We stumped at the Farmer’s Market in downtown Fremont.   I passed out a lot of flyers, including one to a high school Government teacher from Springfield, Ohio (he was up visiting relatives).   He affirmed our efforts and said … Continue reading