We had the Republicans weigh in after Mr. Obama’s speech to Congress Tuesday.   Now it’s the “average Joe” response:   Mr. Obama ended his speech with: “God bless America.”   Do we think God is going to bless a … Continue reading


President Obama was in Arizona yesterday announcing his new plan to curb home foreclosures.   He said there are currently some 6 million homes in foreclosure or at risk of foreclosure.   (Many of these are your average size, or … Continue reading


Ok, the Obama administration bail out is on the table.   While multi-dimensional, the crux is to help many banks  gain bouyancy again and inspire renewed consumer trust.   New York Times columnist David Leonhardt best summed up the primary … Continue reading


Just finished an article about “Hip Hop” music.   It ran in National Geographic.   Writer James McBride categorizes some of Hip Hop as “social commentary.”   And he went to Dakar, Senegal, to search for the African roots of … Continue reading


Went to a “Transition Town” meeting in Ohio City here last night.   Transition Town is a worldwide movement of people trying to move their towns toward a ‘fossel fuel free’ environment.   The people at last night’s meeting would … Continue reading