Buckeye Back Roads Tour cont.   We are  in motion again.   This morning I gave a Pro-life talk at Sacred Heart Church in Oberlin, Ohio.   Preceding the talk, the priest said that we all too often don’t take … Continue reading


The Phoenix spacecraft just landed on Mar’s norther polar region.   According to an Associated Press article, the Phoenix will be digging trenches in the soil there to get to ice that is believed to be buried inches down.   … Continue reading


I just had an article posted on the new e-magazine Liberalati.   Go to www.liberalati.com and scroll down.   The article it titled: Environmental Murderers.   Note:   In the last blog entry, I mention we are just readying to … Continue reading


The New York Times   carried a piece yesterday describing anti-immigration mob violence in Johanesburg South Africa.   Groups of vigilantes were taking to the streets to beat and burn to death recent immigrants to this city from the country … Continue reading


A couple weeks back, I gave a talk at the Christopher Program, an Alternative High School in downtown Columbus, Ohio.   The class I talked in was doing some tremendously creative “Service Learning” projects.   One student was doing an … Continue reading


We have dilineated between “legal” and “civil” matters in this country.   But are we always using common sense in this dilineation?   Example:   I walk into a retail store and steal a pair of shoes.   I’m charged … Continue reading


I gave a talk  to a high school “Justice Group” in Cleveland this week.   It is part of the Catholic Schools for Peace and Justice (www.cspj.net) network here.   I learned the group has sponsored such events as “Dance … Continue reading


During some talks at St. Ignatius High School Government classes in Cleveland yesterday (see last entry), I posed a scenario.   I said scientists are now saying that global warming is already causing drought and famine in some of the … Continue reading


I talked in several Government Classes at St. Ignatius High School today.   One of the issues that came up was global warming.   A student asked what we could do about it.   The instructor, Tim Evans, said that … Continue reading


During a tour last week, I gave a “Politics in the Backyard” talk in Stuebenville, Ohio.   Prior to the talk, a couple friends of ours, Sadi and Abi Hoyt from Scio, Ohio, played classical harp.   It sounded like … Continue reading