*Important:   We’re  moving into  the final  phase of  our “2008 Ohio Strategy.”   ***And we need supporters in the state, and outside, to e-mail supportive letters-to-the-editor  about our campaign to  as many Ohio newspapers as possible.   (Go to … Continue reading


Iran did some missile tests last week and, in turn,  the United States ramped up it’s rhetoric against them.   We don’t want Iran to have nuclear weapons capability.   Yet we have nuclear weapons aimed all over the world, … Continue reading


Our vice-presidential candidate, Dale Way, was interviewed by the South Bend (IN) Tribune last week.   In the article,  Dale noted that our campaign takes projects we’ve researched across the country and promotes them on our travels elsewhere.   For … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Road Tour cont.:   We were interviewed by NBC News ABC News (both out of Toledo) last week.   The NBC reporter asked about our Green Party bumper sticker…   The reason I attempted to vie for the … Continue reading