average JoeOhio Tour cont:   We traveled to Westerville, Ohio, where we were introduced to the congregation at  St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church.   During his talk, Deacon Tom Barford said we can get so caught up in our … Continue reading


average JoeOHio Tour cont.:   We stumped in W.Salem, Ohio yesterday.     During a Sunday Service at St. Stephen’s Church, a deacon said Mother Theresa  was once asked to give the Commencement Address at  Harvard.   He  said she … Continue reading


I went to a Bible Study at the Catholic Worker House in Cleveland.   It was noted that Jesus was forever talking about bringing more social justice to the world.   Someone noted that, often merely because of circumstances, someone … Continue reading


We’re back in Cleveland for a few days and we have just posted a photo-essay/video about the campaign on this site.   Stephen Piscura, a photo-journalism student at Kent State University, followed us around the better part of two days … Continue reading


We went to an Assemblies of God Wednesday night service in Bellevue, Ohio, last night.   Pastor John Ginty and his wife Jodi told me they used to be involved with the “Open Air Ministry” in LA’s Watts area.   … Continue reading


“average JoeOhio Tour cont.”   I stumped early in the morning at Rosie’s Soup & Such Restaurant in Tiffin, Ohio.   Great place!   Owner Lori Brown was buzzing about serving patrons, and inbetween trips to the tables, was stirring … Continue reading


Average JoeOhio Tour cont.:   While in Bluffton, we stayed on Dan and Cindy Basinger’s farm.   Dan told me he’d recently read a story about a rock singer who converted to Christianity.   He was sitting in a pew … Continue reading


I gave a talk to a Men’s Fellowship Group at St. Charles Church in Lima.   I said part of our platform calls for Americans, almost across the board, to cut back lifestyle-wise and help more in the Third World. … Continue reading


average JoeOhio Tour cont.: We stopped in Kenton, Ohio, where we talked with Charles Shotwell.   He said if he were president, he’d withdraw the troops from Iraq now and put warships in International waters close to Iraq to monitor … Continue reading