The kids and I went to a talk last night by Dolores Huerta, who co-founded the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) with Cesar Chavez. To about 350 people at the University of California at Monterey Bay World Theatre, Ms. Huerta … Continue reading


I picked up a Time Magazine in Seaside, California, yesterday. There was a “Special Report” on global warming. It was titled: BE WORRIED. BE VERY WORRIED. And after I read the articles, I was. (That is, even more than I … Continue reading


I talked with Chuck Carter in Sand City, California yesterday. He ran for the House of Representatives three times in the 17th District here. He ran as a Republican in a heavily liberal (Santa Cruz is in the District) area. … Continue reading


Our family stood in solidarity with a group of Latinos on a downtown square in Hollister, California, yesterday. They were there to protest current, hot-button proposed new immigration policies that, among other things, would: make it a felony to be … Continue reading


Yesterday I wrote an entry about breaking the 5th Commandment (“Thou shalt not kill.”) within the context of America’s poor environmental track record and it’s ongoing fatal ramifications. Today the theme continues… San Francisco Chronicle reporter James Sterngold wrote a … Continue reading


I was interviewed by a reporter from the Modesto Bee, a large newspaper in mid-California. The reporter asked me how the cross-country campaigning has been influencing the children. I said our Sarah, 10, has been exposed to a tremendous amount … Continue reading


Gave a talk at St. Joseph’s Church in Modesto, California, about Pro-Life issues today. I said in Nazi Germany during World War II trains would come down the tracks Sunday mornings carrying screaming Jewish children and their wailing parents. The … Continue reading


Met David “Laughing Horse” Robinson. During the 2003 Recall Election in California, he was one of 130 people who ran for Governor (which Arnold Schwarzenegger eventually won). Robinson said he is the head of the Kawaiisu Tribe here and is … Continue reading