From Liz: We just hit Route 50 in Chillicothe, Ohio. Route 50 is touted as the “Backbone of America,” running coast-to-coast through the center of the country. It made me reflect on the backbone of this nation, or for that … Continue reading

North Korea

In response to further UN sanctions, North Korea today said that it would “weaponize” it’s plutonium.   They, at present, don’t have nuclear missiles.   We, at present, have nuclear missiles.   Some of those nuclear missiles are aimed at … Continue reading


I stood at the “four corners” in Danville, Ohio, last night holding an abortion protest sign that said:   Stop the Real War!   Abortion kills 3,600 babies a day in America!   Afterward, Liz and I gave a talk … Continue reading


I spent part of the morning chopping wood and this afternoon the boys and I worked with a neighboring family bailing hay and putting it up in their barn.   Good, clean work.   The bailing machine was pulled by … Continue reading