For prayer time yesterday, I read the family part of a front page NY Times article about the desperate conditions in the Congo. According to the article, in less than a decade more than 400 million people have died there. … Continue reading


I’m coaching an inner city Little League baseball team this summer. After our practice last night, I gathered the youth together and told them I expected them to practice some more between now and the first game. One boy, from … Continue reading


I’m just finishing the update on our position paper on “the Environment.” In it I mention meeting with David Orr, one of the top environmentalists in the country and the head of Oberlin College’s Environmental Science Department. He told me … Continue reading


The Cleveland Plain Dealer Religion section ran a story about Northeast Ohio’s Catholic Youth Organization (CYO). They referred to the CYO sports league of some 11,000 4th to 8th graders as a landmark program that puts Catholic (id, post_author, post_date, … Continue reading


Cleveland — Persistent rains battered the region yesterday… started a Plain Dealer article today. In 24 hours, the area had an average rainfall of about 5 inches. In Kenya, it only rains 9 inches, a year. In Tanzania sometimes, it’s … Continue reading


I continue to update our position paper on the environment. Yesterday I was writing about “water power.” At a stop in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, during Campaign 2004, we learned there is a project underway there to harness wave action … Continue reading


The following is an excerpt from the beginning of a column I’m currently working on: Okay, let’s talk “weapons of mass destruction.” They seem to be causing the darndest problems these days. We thought Iraq had them. And boy, look … Continue reading


We took our children to the Michael J. Zone Rec. Center in Cleveland for the start of “Rookie League Baseball.” This first day they were short a coach and asked me if I’d like to step in. Having coached Little … Continue reading


I wrote a column today that is titled: Post Modern Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. My contiention is that most people in America (many unknowingly) have become one of these, or both. An excerpt from the column: A man is walking down … Continue reading