At Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia, I interviewed Kevin Pendergast, a mental health counselor who was formally with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. He was called in to help facilitate with the “Ulster Project” in Cincinnati. The Ulster Project brings both … Continue reading


Black History Month:   At Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia, I interviewed Grant Edkins from Cape Town, South Africa and Yamiko Samu from Malawi, South Africa. They said in their country some 35% of the land has already been given … Continue reading


Black History Month:   We’ve come to the Koinonia Community in Americus, Georgia. (This is our second visit here.) I talked with Mercer College Professor Greg Domin. He had a group of students here from Mercer College in Macon, Georgia. … Continue reading


After our time at the “Open Door Community” in Atlanta (see last entry), we hopscotched down Rte. 19. We stopped in Griffin, Georgia, where a gas station worker was singing Louisiana Nights to the radio while she was waiting on … Continue reading


In honor of President’s Day today, I’ve decided to become president. (It’s kind of a Norman Vincent Peale thing.)… I recently referenced a talk I went to in Rome, Georgia, about the writings of G.K. Chesterton. During the talk, presenter … Continue reading


Black History Month: At Berry College in Rome, Georgia, this week, I interviewed Professor Brian Carroll who is the author of the just released When to Stop the Cheering (The Black Press, the Black Community and the Integration of Professional … Continue reading


Rome, Georgia, experience continued:   I gave presentations at two Journalism classes at Berry College.   After talking a bit, I turned each into an open forum session.   One of the questions was what I thought was the most … Continue reading