In Benson, Arizona, I interviewed Sergeant Jashawa Cloud with the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He said he travels among the 26 Native American Reservations in Arizona as an investigative police officer. He said a major factor in creating problems on … Continue reading


I was interviewed by reporter Kevin Buey of the Headlight, a daily newspaper in Deming, New Mexico. The day before, Buey had written an excellent piece about a “Southwest Desert Sustainability Project” slated for the area. Southwest Desert Sustainabilty is … Continue reading


There was a wire service story today that President Bush telephoned President Vincente Fox of Mexico to exchange ideas on “how to stop violence and improve security along the two countries’ mutual borders.” We’re currently down on the southern border … Continue reading


In the inner city of El Paso, Texas, we visited the Annunciation House — a shelter for illegal immigrants. I interveiwed Director Rubin Garcia, who has been with the Annunciation House the past 28 years. He said he is particularly … Continue reading


I was interviewed by Larry Hiatt, the editor of the Fort Stockton Pioneer newspaper. I said our platform called for amnesty for all illegal immigrants in this country. What’s more, several years ago I researched a program called the Hispanic … Continue reading


On the square in Ft. Stockton, Texas, is a plaque that reads: “Dedicated to the pioneer spirit of the 13,176 people of Pecos County to commenmorate the celebration of the Texas Sesquicentennial 1836-1986.”… I recently read part of James Mischner’s: … Continue reading