Buckeye Back Roads Tour cont.:   Campaigning last week, we spent the weekend at Ann and Tim Miller’s small farm in Lisbon, Ohio.   They practice: “Apostolic Farming.”   That is, they look at farming as a sacred trust between … Continue reading


We launched on yet another tour Saturday.   We did a “round table” discussion at the Friends Roastery Coffee Shop in Salem, Ohio, that day.   Before the discussion, I told reporter Mary Ann Greier about a New York Times … Continue reading


One of the first things Pope Benedict XVI said on his plane coming into  America  dealt with the issue of  immigration.   According to a New York Times article, the pope said that we should mobilize many more efforts into … Continue reading


Dan Kremer, an organic farmer in Yorkshire, Ohio, just sent me something from the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.   It was titled: Eating Is A Moral Act.   One of the issues raised was: “Supporting fair wages and healthy … Continue reading


We are readying to launch on yet another tour at the end of next week.   We will be accompanied  by  Stephen Piscura,  who is doing an ‘On the road…’  documentary  about our campaign.   We are trying to raise … Continue reading


Time to weigh in on this house crisis thing… According to a Washington Post   article this week, the Bush Administration is “completing a plan to help thousands of homeowners at risk of foreclosure by helping them refinance into more-affordable … Continue reading


I talked to a farmer from Othello, Washington, over the weekend.   She said that on a farm you are tremendously dependent on oil products.   Not only do you need gasoline to power tractors, combines, and the like, but … Continue reading