The New York Times   today carried a front page article about Sacramento, California’s non-profit Municipal Utility that has come up with a creative strategy to get people to use less energy.   On their monthly bills, the Utility  include … Continue reading


I was talking with a Cleveland city school teacher yesterday who is also quite active doing social justice work  with the Catholic Workers here.   She said farmers will continue to grow coca plants in, say,  Columbia “as long as … Continue reading


President Obama has just signed legislation outlawing torture of “enemy combatants,” which I agree with.   And at the same time,  he is starting to open the door for more and more “innocent babies” to be dismembered in their mothers’ … Continue reading


I was on the St. Ignatius High School campus this morning and talked with youth minister Augi Pacetti.   He said this week that some of the students were doing “The Great Garbage Challenge.”     For five days, students … Continue reading


Something’s gone a bit awry with our capitalistic system.   Greed… Author Fr. Dom Rembert Sorg writes that the village shoemaker should receive compensation, not by how many shoes he fixes, but by how many children he has.   Yet … Continue reading


Our daughter Sarah, son Joseph and myself went to a Public Hearing tonight on a zoning variance for the addition of a cremation machine at the funeral home around the corner.   The hearing room was full. Neighborhood people were … Continue reading


I hate to be a party pooper, but… I was talking to a political science professor over the weekend who said that $24 million   had been raised just the Inaugural Ball activity, etc.   What’s more, some five million … Continue reading


An Ashtabula Star Beacon story about  our 2012 campaign for president ran today.   Lifestyle Editor Carl Feather wrote that there would be no gas guzzling motorcade  to our inaugaration, we’d bicycle.   He noted that during the speech I … Continue reading