I have just finished Project Vote Smart’s “2008 Presidential Political Courage Test.”   The following is an example of another 100 word essay I wrote for the test, this one on “Social Security Issues”:   I told the News Gazette … Continue reading


For the past several days, I continue to work on Vote Smart’s “2008 Presidential Candidate Political Courage Test.”   Part of the test calls for 100 word essays on various topics.   The following is another of those answers per: … Continue reading


Since we’ve been back in Cleveland, I’ve been working on an extensive “2008 Presidential Political Courage Test” for Project Vote Smart.   Part of the “test,” is providing 100 word synopsis on various stances.   The following is my response … Continue reading


average JoeOhio Tour cont:   We were told the Circleville Pumpkin Festival outdraws the Ohio State Fair.   So, of course, this was our next stop.   There were pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream (yuk), pumpkin cup cakes… … Continue reading


average JoeOhio Tour still cont.:   We did a whislte-stop in downtown Lancaster, Ohio, today.   Mayor David Smith stopped by to say hello.   Nice guy.   A reporter from the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette also came by for an interview. … Continue reading


average JoeOhio Tour cont:   We drove into Cambridge, Ohio, where we did a downtown whistle-stop. A reporter from the Daily Jeffersonian newspaper did an interview.   We talked at length about global warming.   I said, among other things, … Continue reading


We did a whistle-stop event in downtown Stuebenville.   Reporter Dave Gossett from the Herald Star newspaper interviewed me.   I said we believed in a consistent life ethic that sets us against abortion, euthanasia, embyronic stem cell research, pollution, … Continue reading