I talked to Chris Knestrick who is  part of a  Christian Peacekeeper Team  in Columbia, South America.   He said it is not uncommon for subsistence farmers there, and their families, to “disappear” at the hands of para-military groups.   … Continue reading


According to National Geographic, Haiti is “dirt poor.”   That is, hunger is so bad for many there now that they have taken to eating cakes made of clay, salt and shortening.   Even though people realize these are terrible … Continue reading


I recently interviewed Todd Kennedy who does a Tumbling Class for neighborhood kids in a hardscrabble area here.   Mr. Kennedy grew up in an even rougher area on Cleveland’s eastside in the Hough area.   He and some friends … Continue reading


For the last week I’ve been doing some final editing on a book I’ve written about our time in Cleveland.   It’s titled:   America’s Best Urban Neighborhood.   The following is an excerpt:     “At the time of … Continue reading


I talked with Aaron Brilbeck who is a Guardian Angels leader and trainer.   Mr. Brilbeck is a former Toledo, Ohio, ABC News reporter.    At about six feet, he  was built well enough he  could have  easily passed for … Continue reading


        I was an adult volunteer faciliator at John Marshall High School in Cleveland yesterday for “Challenge Day.”   This was a day-long event that included 100 high school students, some 20 adults, and a couple staff … Continue reading