James Filiaggi was executed by lethal injection in Ohio yesterday.   He was the 25th man to be executed in Ohio since 1999.   In our research on the death penalty, I interviewed Connecticut author Annette Boscoe.   She wrote … Continue reading


We road our bicycles to “Earthfest” (2007 Climate Change Solutions) at the Cleveland Zoo yesterday.   It is billed as “Ohio’s largest environmental education event.”   Before the Welcoming Cermenonies, I talked with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson.   During the … Continue reading


Yesterday Cleveland’s Plain Dealer newspaper ran a front page, five column photo-spread  and story about  Seung-Hui Cho, who killed 32 students at Virginia Tech during a gruesome shooting spree.   On the other front page newspaper column, was a story … Continue reading


On the Virginia Tech shootings, the Nichols Mines Amish girls shootings, the Columbine shootings…   It wouldn’t take a professor of Social Psychology to figure this out.   We are awash in media/entertainment violence.   It influences our pysches.   … Continue reading


I attended a talk by Joe Mueller at Cleveland’s Catholic Worker House.   Mr. Mueller is a Christian Peacekeeper Team member who has been to Iraq twice.   On his first trip, last year, the Peacekeeper Team that came in … Continue reading


Good Friday reflection:   With Easter weekend upon us, I recall the many conversations I have had with people around the country about letting go to the will of God. I often share that I am inspired by the witness … Continue reading