Buckeye Backroad Tour cont.:   We talked with a woman today in Bluffton, Ohio, who said she was quite disturbed with the Olympic: clothing.   She said, for instance, that the women marathon runners, the women sprinters, etc. were dressed, … Continue reading


Buckeye Backroad Tour cont:   We headed further west where we interviewed Clyde, Ohio’s Dave Woodruff.   He is the founder of the organization Blue Collar Community.   He is also a former employee of the Whirlpool Corporation, which has … Continue reading


We traveled further west to Norwalk, Ohio, where we were asked to participate in a Farmer’s Market that’s coordinated by Chrissy Houtz.   Houtz is a Vegan vegetarian who  opposes the cruelty of factory farming.   We also discussed, among … Continue reading


Russia is escalating it’s assault on bordering Georgia, at the time of this writing.   The New York Times reports that Georgia serves as a major conduit for oil flowing from Russia and Central Asia to the West.   So … Continue reading


Each of the major candidates have position papers  on crime.   We have a position paper on crime as well.   And the following is a take on our paradigm around crime: National Public Radio did a piece the other … Continue reading


There has been talk this week by both major candidates about energy policies…     Our energy policy calls for, among other things,  a dramatic shift to much more sacrifice and the development of renewable energy technologies, I said at … Continue reading