Memorial Day: In Memorial Days past, our family has gone out to local cemeteries to honor those who have fought for our country. Yesterday, we met with a group of Catholic Workers on Cleveland’s near west side who, quite regularly, … Continue reading


My wife Liz met with Beth Mancuso on Cleveland’s near west side. She is the “Queen of Recycling.” For her organic garden, she obtained a mixture of aged sawdust and manure from the Cleveland Mounted Police Stables. She noted that … Continue reading


I talked with Peter Seelig at Calvary Reformed Church on Cleveland’s near west side this past weekend. Mr. Seelig, 66, retired from a job with the city of Cleveland 11 years ago. He has waved ‘Easy Street,’ so to speak, … Continue reading


I interviewed Antonoitte Bosco this week. She has authored 14 books, including Choosing Mercy. The latter won a Pax Christi Award and is about her advocacy against the death penalty — even though her son and daughter-in-law were shot to … Continue reading

Interviewed Kathleen Newsome over the weekend. She had the number “25,251” marked in black on her arm. It was for: the 25,251 st death toll victim (military, civilian, humanitarian aid worker…) in the Iraq War. Ms. Newsome is a member … Continue reading


Met with Francesca Peterson, who is the co-executive director for INTO (Illuminating Nations Through Offering an Opportunity). A “fair trade” organizaiton, INTO purchases crafts artisans make in their homes in rural Ecuador. Ms. Peterson said the crafts are then marketed … Continue reading


Went to a talk on “globalization” by Oberlin College professor Steve Crowley last night. Professor Crowley said that after WWII, the U.S. had a tremendous glut of manufactured items and needed wider markets. Consequently, American media started beaming into other … Continue reading


Our family did some volunteer work at the Catholic Worker’s “Storefront” on Cleveland’s near west side last night. One man told me he came here from Cuba in the early ’80s when Jimmy Carter’s administration allowed some 21,000 people from … Continue reading


I’m working on a column about a program we researched recently at the University of Dayton. The Chaminade Program at UD is designed to get students thinking about career more in terms of “vocation,” than merely just another secular job. … Continue reading