“average JoeOhio Tour” cont.:   We have come to Wellington, Ohio, home of Archibald McNeil Willard.   He was an unknown, but inspired, wagon painter who did the famous “Spirit of ’76” painting.   (And there is a Spirit of … Continue reading


“average JoeOhio” Tour:   We stumped in Oberlin, Ohio, during Commencement Weekend at Oberlin College.   People from across the country were here for the ceremonies.   A physician from Chicago  told me  he’d like to see a move toward … Continue reading


In solidarity, I sat in with a group of farmers during a Statehouse meeting in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday.   These farmers tout the tremendous nutritional value of  raw milk  — as  opposed to  milk that is  pastuerized.   They explain … Continue reading


The “average JoeOhio Tour” continues to unfold.   Leaving Cleveland, our Jonathan, 4, and myself stumped, unannounced,  at a sidewalk cafe called Heck’s.   ‘Heck,’ why not (sorry).   One man said Jonathan was, indeed,  a  “chip off the old … Continue reading


We have launched on yet another campaign tour of Ohio.   Our first stop was South Cleveland where we talked with peace activist Tim Musser. He told us he was tremendously impacted by the writings of Dorothy Day.   I, … Continue reading


I interviewed Bernie Meyer this week.   He bears a striking resemblence to  India’s late Mhatma Gandhi. And for the past five years, Meyer  has talked to college groups, civic groups, churches… about Gandhi and his teachings (white shawl, sandals, … Continue reading


Americans across the board seem to want to hear politicians talk tough on terrorism.   So to oblige, our campaign will too.   And we have recently posted a position on terrorism where we primarily take to task: American forms … Continue reading


I just read a review of a new book titled Boomsday.   The review said it was a “wickedly funny” fictitious book about the 77 million “Baby Boomers” moving into retirement — by stepping aside and committing mass suicide…   … Continue reading


Our family went Sunday to a gathering for Liberian refugees who  were relocated  to this Near Westside Cleveland area several years ago.   This small enclave of Liberians are just a few of some 340,000 Liberians who have fled the … Continue reading