Yesterday USA Today started an eye-opening series on the reality of global warming. A few weeks ago, the Cleveland Plain Dealer did an article on Case Western Reserve University professor Ted Steinberg and his new book: American Green: The Obsessive … Continue reading


Memorial Day… We went on a family picnic in the “Metro Park” in Rocky River, Ohio, today. While eating lunch, we talked to our children about their grandfather (on my side) flying jets off aircraft carriers for the Navy. (He … Continue reading


A couple entries back, I asked supporters (no matter where you’re at in the country) to google “Ohio newspapers” and send brief endorsement letters to the editor of some of those papers. We are now in the midst of a … Continue reading


While in Holmes County, Ohio, last week, I interviewed Jonas Miller who is quite a historian when it comes to the Amish in these parts. He, in fact, is a narrator during “Country Coach Adventure Bus Tours” through the heart … Continue reading


Our campaign manager in Georgia, Thomas Farmer, just sent me an insightful essay he wrote about unequal distribution of wealth worldwide. It follows… “Photojournalist Peter Menzel has published something of a sequel to his 1995 acclaimed work Material World, which … Continue reading


A Mansfield News Journal article today noted that I thought I could be a factor in the next presidential election — if I look like I’m going to have a showing in Ohio. I will explain more about this strategy … Continue reading


I interviewed Paul Yoder in Apple Creek, Ohio. His farm sells “100% grassfed beef and lamb, pastured chicken, turkey, pork, eggs…” Mr. Yoder uses no artificial chemicals on his fields or artificial hormones with his livestock. He does everything naturally, … Continue reading

5/16/06 (cont.)

We have just posted a tremendously updated position on “Hispanic Immigration” based on some six years of pretty extensive cross-country research. It is a position that looks through the lens, not of “American protectionism,” but rather of social justice. To … Continue reading


Liz and I gave a talk to an assembly of students at St. Mary’s School in Mansfield, Ohio yesterday. I said a strong platform point of ours was helping the marginilized in society. And several years ago we had moved … Continue reading