The Cleveland Plain Dealer ran a story yesterday about a home in Shaker Heights which is being considered one of the “greenest new houses in the nation.”   The home features a cistern for rainwater collection, windows to maximize  solar … Continue reading


I’m in the process of trying to set up a talk at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio.   I recently told the Herald Star newspaper in Steubenville that I thought Franciscan was “one of the best colleges in the country.” … Continue reading


Our family  walked about downtown Cleveland with a group of Catholic Workers as part of a contemporary version of the Stations of the Cross.   For instance, the First Station was in front of the Court House.   This station … Continue reading


I went to Mass at St. Patrick’s in Cleveland for St. Patrick’s Day where they read something from the writings of (Who else?):  St. Patrick.   St. Patrick wrote that God scattered many from Ireland in his day because they … Continue reading


In the last entry, I talk in general terms about the tremendous disparity between most Americans and most people in the Third World.   Today at the drop-in center my family volunteers at in Cleveland, I came across a New … Continue reading


I have spent  a considerable amount of  time the last few weeks interviewing people who are activists for nonviolence.   Bill Corrigan, who is a deacon at St. Colman’s Church in Cleveland, saw the horror of war first-hand in World … Continue reading


We live in the inner city of Cleveland (intentionally) and volunteer at a Catholic Worker outreach to the poor here.   Today we learned one of the homeless  men who goes to the outreach froze to death over the weekend. … Continue reading


A few blog entries back, we noted we were looking for a vice-presidential candidate running mate with a consistent life ethic who would stand with us  in solidarity on a ticket.   The following is part of an e-mail that … Continue reading


We just got an absolutely excellent endorsement that appeared on the relatively new Political Cortex website.   See item #5 at: http://www.politicalcortex.com/story/2008/2/29/1676/21672             Note:   It was my birthday today.   My sister Patti gave … Continue reading