Our family went to a “Thirsting in the Desert” Lenten prayer service at the Catholic Worker House in Cleveland.   One of the readings was about Jesus fasting in the desert and then being exposed to a series of temptations … Continue reading


In the last post, I talked about being at a “Prayer Service to Abolish the Death Penalty.”    During the  service, facilitator Tim Musser read the following:   Capital punishment is not what Jesus taught.   It is what he … Continue reading


Early this week, new Ohio Governor Ted Strickland denied clemency to convicted killer Kenneth Biros.   In the middle of the week, I attended a “Prayer Service to Abolish the Death Penalty.”   It was facilitated by Pax Christi member … Continue reading


On our recent campaign tour, we stopped in Ashburn, Georgia.   Driving into Ashburn, you are greeted with a banner that explains this small town is the home of the “Fire Ant Festival.”   A resident told us:   “If … Continue reading


We met with Mose Keim in Dunkinsville, Ohio.   He’s Amish.   He also designs and manufactures high quality, cedar bird feeders.   Mr. Keim gave us a tour of his small, low-tech plant.   He employs 12 people here … Continue reading


As a follow up to the last entry… We stopped in Lenoir City, Tennessee, where we toured “I’va’s Place.”   This is a complex for “women in crisis.”   And that could be women who are homeless, or victims of … Continue reading


I gave a talk at the “House of Prayer” in St. Augustine, Florida, last week.   The audience, for the most part, seemed relatively well off socio-economically.   I said billions of people in the Third World were either homeless, … Continue reading