no TV

We entertained an Amish woman from Sugar Creek, Ohio, last night.   She commented on us not having a television in our home. (We’ve done that intentionally).   She said she believed this paves the way for children to tap … Continue reading

less cars?

While driving back up to Cleveland today on I-71, we stopped for gas near Lodi, Ohio.   After fueling, our campaign vehicle (emblazoned with Vote Joe for President signage) wouldn’t start.   It was the battery.   I took out … Continue reading

tune ups…

I just got done changing the spark plugs and the oil on our campaign vehicle.   A dubious sort of “average Joe” distinction in relation to, oh, probably many other presidential candidates…   We are readying for a multi-state campaign … Continue reading


We’ve been on a farm in mid-Ohio looking at sustainable agriculture issues.   Besides the research, every day I’ve been chopping a considerable amount of wood.   I once interviewed author, and farmer, Gene Logsdon who has done his own … Continue reading