Thanksgiving. This morning while volunteering at the “Storefront,” a Catholic Worker outreach here in Cleveland, we met a man who had slept outside last night — the temperature: 20 degrees. We invited him to our apartment so he didn’t have … Continue reading


The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported violent crime is up in the city this year, led by more homicides. And our section of Cleveland, recently, reflects some of this trend… About a week ago, there was a street corner gun fatality … Continue reading


We stopped by the Catholic Worker House in Cleveland after the kids second soccer match at the Micheal Zone Recreation Center here. I excitedly shared about their last minute victory in a “shoot out.” One of the volunteers, Joe Mueller … Continue reading


Interviewed Ofosu Amponsah as part of my position paper research on the economy. Mr. Amponsah, who is from Ghana, West Africa, teaches economics at the Bryant-Stratton College in the Cleveland area. He said to establish true “competitive markets” based on … Continue reading


Went to an excellent presentation on the book Moral Politics. The presentation was given by Cleveland’s Dick Weber, who is a social worker. Mr. Weber said the basic theme of the book is that there is a “conceptual link between … Continue reading


Met with Stephanie Taylor who is on a board for “Affordable Housing” on the near west side of Cleveland. Ms. Taylor said the area is going through a steady process of: “gentrification.” That is, developers are coming into the neighborhoods … Continue reading