false (phone) idol

photo by Joe

On a Buckeye Back Road Tour stop in Kalida, Ohio, I came across an actual pay phone. (For those of you under, say, 35, Google: pay phone.) When you were out and about “…back in the day,” you actually had to find one of these babies in order to make a phone call to someone. Now it’s an I-phone 12 with 5G. But is the latter the ultimate “smart phone,” or, well, the ultimate “dumb phone”? You see, these phones call, text, stream, Google… In turn, many people have become hopelessly addicted to their I-phones. Quality time with God, with family members, with friends, with community volunteering, with work… all get shorted, more, and more, and more… The Book of Revelation talks about a “false idol” that evolves, and that practically everyone worships. Uh, wouldn’t take an Old Testament prophet on his game, so to speak, to figure out that that’s (worshipping) what many of us are doing with these phones (personal computers, television sets…). Note: I’m a former addictions counselor and know how insidious, and destructive, addictions can be — both emotionally and spiritually.

write in stuff

photo by Joe …in Joe’s Campaign Headquarters

A couple months ago, as I’ve done in each campaign, I spent some late nights refreshing my memory on the criteria for being a write-in presidential candidate in each state. (It varies from state to state.) I then put together this blackboard schematic per: deadlines to cross reference with rather large folders of reference material from each state. You can bet Trump and Biden aren’t doing this — and, frankly, they’re lucky. [Just trying to keep up my populist image. LOL, sort of.]

false reasoning

Wikipedia photo

I was watching some of the Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearings today. And, I must say, the senators, almost all of them, came across as highly intelligent, polished individuals. It was all quite impressive, except for one thing(s). The highly intelligent, polished, Democrats in the room were for the wholesale killing of babies and a LGBTQ agenda that will, as with abortion, be a path to Hell for eternity for many. And the Republicans, well, most are for turning desperate refugees away at our borders, and being tremendously poor environmental stewards — to name a couple. In my spiritual meditation reading today, one part read that it “…is hard to think straight among worldly people… Their false reasoning seems so logical at times. Yet how can they be right, if You [God] disagree with them?” These senators, on both sides of the aisle, no matter how good they sound, or look… sometimes represent things that are totally antithetical to God’s gospel message. And we, all of us, need to be able to see through this.

getting into the “trades”

photo by Joe

While on my Buckeye Back Roads Tour, I stopped at the Apollo Career Center Campus today. Last week I’d interviewed a man who had graduated from a local high school, but his senior year was spent at Apollo, getting a certificate in welding. He now has his own welding shop in Cincinnati, specializes in working on classic cars, and teaches welding classes himself at a nearby career center like this. For high school youth who aren’t inclined to go to college, but rather to get into the “trades,” these kinds of career centers are excellent, and a really good use of a student’s time their junior/senior years of high school. Our position paper on education talks more in-depth about this paradigm…

“blood money” from China

During the VP Presidential Candidate Debate last night, the subject of China came up. China is replete with forced abortions, and it jails, tortures and kills those who they deem political of religious “dissidents”. To trade with China, which, bottom line, helps keep them economically buoyant, is nothing short of accepting: “blood money.” For a short talk (1 min. 30 sec.) I gave on this, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0lLIBZsAAs&feature=emb_logo

‘Time for Turbines’

photo by Joe

My Buckeye Back Road Tour took me to Van Wert, Ohio today. Van Wert, and the surrounding area, is known for, among other things, having the most wind turbines in the state of Ohio. There are some 300 of them (some of which you can see in the background here). In our travels, I have extensively researched alternative forms of energy. And, to be good environmental stewards (Just ask Pope Francis.), our country needs to shift to way more of this alternative energy, while at the same time cutting back, exponentially, on our energy use in general. Austerity measures? Yeah. That is, if we want to save the planet for our children. For more on our campaign’s take on energy, see…

Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic… and signs

photo by Joe …of Joe’s sign

Things are coming to a head in this country. Political polarization is off the charts. Riots continue in our streets. We stand at the verge of a financial collapse. Catastrophic global warming looms like a scary doomsday scenario. We’ve killed 65 million babies now. There is a war on the traditional family… While policies coming out of D.C., in turn, are like: rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic! At this point, frankly, we need a leader who can steer us away from the iceberg — before it’s too late. Hint: That would be me. For 30 years, I’ve researched a series of models God has been quietly preparing around the country to, when the time is right, effect a major realignment in our country. This research is thread throughout my position papers. They are projects that work. And they are projects that should be plugged into every community across the country — before it’s too late. And I would use the presidency as a vehicle to point people to these projects. Note: And as these projects need to happen quick, many more “Joe” yard signs need to go up just as quick. I mean, people are already starting to vote.

Military message

Harrod, Ohio Military Park …photo of Joe by Joe

I traveled 15 miles south to Harrod, Ohio (pop. 399) tonight. While passing on campaign cards, I approached a man walking toward the town carry out. He had an Ohio State University scarlet and gray mask on. I gave him a “Joe card,” bypassed my platform, and went directly to telling him: “I’m an Ohio State fan, too. So remember that on Nov. 3!” I could tell he was smiling behind the mask. Note: I also stopped at Harrod’s “Military Park.” They have a tank there, a huge anchor from a destroyer, a Howlitzer, and a UH-1 “Huey” helicopter, referred to as the “work horse” of the Vietnam War. For my position paper on the military, based on years of research, see…

standing in front of the, ULTIMATE, Supreme Court Justice

Christian Broadcasting Network photo

While pundits and politicians (on both sides of the aisle) are, today, praising the now late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s “scholarship” and, for instance her keen sense of “jurisprudence;” does anyone, frankly, think God is praising her as she stands in front of his Judgement seat today? RUTH BADER GINSBURG HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BIGGEST PLAYERS IN AN ONGOING GENOCIDE IN THIS COUNTRY THAT HAS CLAIMED SOME 65 MILLION LIVES THROUGH ABORTION, AND COUNTING! Unless she repented on her death bed, there is a good possibility Ms. Bader-Ginsburg is looking at a life sentence in Hell, meted out by the, ultimate, Supreme Court Justice. Note: President Lincoln once famously said: “The Ten Commandments aren’t suggestions or multiple choice.” Read: Thou shalt not kill, is: Thou shalt not kill. Period. Oh, and for those of you backing politicians and policies allowing for abortion, you’ll be standing in the same afterlife spot as Ms. Bader-Ginsburg at some point sooner than later. I sure wouldn’t bet my eternity on abortion.

volunteering, with an exponent of 25

ONU Religious Life students …photo by Joe

I spent some time covering a special event this morning. Students from Ohio Northern University’s “Religious Life Organization” coordinated a Food Drive to help the local Food Pantry. One of the coordinators told me that the students heard the Food Pantry’s resources were thin because of the increased demand with the pandemic affecting some people financially. So why not help? And they did. Note: As president, I would try to inspire this type of local volunteering/giving, with an exponent of 25, at least. And our family practices what we preach with this. You have to wonder: Would Trump or Biden’s family do what we’ve done (click on link)? Probably not. Yet it is an essential key to really turning this country around.