Nineveh moment 24… Yeah, but what if it was your mother? photo

Euthanasia is creeping more and more into the countries of the world. Yet we’re not God. God is. God is the “author of life.” He determines the span between conception and natural death. We don’t. When we do (abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide…), we are putting our eternal souls at tremendous risk. The Catholic Church unequivocally teaches that, as an example, euthanasia is a “grave sin.” Yet people participate in it directly, or by voting for, say, politicians who back it (as part of what Pope John Paul II called “The Culture of Death” in America). Of course, some of the people who back the concept of euthanasia would never use it in regard to their loved ones. And then here comes this coronavirus pandemic putting the elderly, specifically, at risk all over the world. And wouldn’t you know, with hospitals being overwhelmed with elderly patients, doctors being forced to do “triage,” are now, day in and day out, having to make decisions about who they are going to allow to die — including, perhaps, the grandparents, mothers, fathers… of now tremendously anguished grandchildren, sons, daughters… who have, maybe over the years, backed euthanasia. Hopefully what’s going on now will inspire them to change their minds about this issue before it’s too late. Both for more elderly in the cross hairs of euthanasia, and before it’s too late for their own souls. For our campaign’s stance on euthanasia, and “Life Issues” in general, see…

Nineveh moment 23… “the virus is spreading like wildfire”

blogs.csrio photo

On a news show today, a Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University said that while researchers weren’t exactly sure yet of the predominant form of spread with the coronavirus, what they were sure about is that it’s “…spreading like wildfire.” Hmm. Our First World energy gluttonous (read: sinful) lifestyles are fueling global warming which, in turn, is fueling these massively ‘spreading’ wildfires in California, Australia, etc., etc., etc… Think God might be trying to draw a graphic metaphoric corollary for us? I do. And by extension, here’s another metaphoric corollary: In Fatima, Portugal in 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary showed three young children a vision of Hell and said souls were falling into it “like snowflakes.” (*This incident has been studied and approved by the Catholic Church.) The children reported they saw a scene similar to what’s portrayed in this photo above, only the vision also showed scores of people screaming in pain amidst the flames. Note: Incidentally, that was 1917. Look around. Q. How much more collectively, and individually, evil have we become since then? A. A lot more evil. So… Time to realign. And our campaign platform on energy consumption, as an example, will move us far away from our current energy-gluttonous, sinful behavior.

Nineveh moment 22… “Maybe we don’t need a vaccine…” photo

One of the readings at the Masses this weekend was Hosea 6:2 where the prophet, in essence, tells the Israelites that God has, indeed, “smitten” them (read: “chastises” them), but in “two days” He will help them rebound. In the livestream Mass I was watching out of Franciscan University, the priest says that, of course, the coronavirus is a “chastisement from God.” And like the Israelites of old, we need to figure that out, repent, and collectively come back to God so He helps us spiritually heal. Part of what we need to ‘figure out,’ the priest said (among many things), is that almost every country on the planet now allows abortion. What’s more, country after country is moving toward accepting euthanasia as well. These two things, as the Catholic Church for example teaches, are totally antithetical to God’s Natural Order. Beyond these glaring spiritual wrongs, California’s Alex Gomez has ‘figured it out’ in a more generalized, yet right on the mark, way as well. He posts that we had lapsed into “worshipping”: athletes, musicians, actors, materialism… So what’s happened? Mr. Gomez notes that God has closed the sports arenas, concert halls, theaters, and is collapsing the stock market… Mr. Gomez ends with: “Maybe we don’t need a vaccine. Maybe we need to take this time of isolation from the distractions of the world and undertake a personal revival where we focus on the only thing that really matters in this world. Jesus.” Note: I’d like to think our whole campaign platform, indeed, revolves around Jesus, the things He taught, and how that applies to our contemporary world. See…

Nineveh moment 21… Yeah, but what about the fence at the border of heaven? photo

As a presidential candidate, I have done three extensive “Southern Border Tours.” I walked the dusty streets of Juarez Mexico where 200,000 people live in slums amidst off-the-charts drug cartel violence. I heard story after story of Latin American rebel groups storming villages, raping women, killing children… While interviewing the Director of a Safe House in El Paso, my wife sat with a Mexican mother who had walked four days through the desert — with her two-year-old daughter. And we’re regularly denying asylum, we’re building a fence, we’re looking at deporting millions who are already here… Are we spiritually nuts? [The Holy Family members were “refugees” fleeing the murderous Herad. What if they’d been met with a fence at the border of Egypt?] So… Here comes a killer virus that no border fence can keep out. Here comes a killer virus that knows no borders period, for that matter. Hmm. A message from God to, oh I don’t know, maybe: “WELCOME STRANGERS!” The Bible pointedly suggests something like that, actually. And here’s the kicker: If we persist in our isolationism when it comes to this, what kind of fence might we be met with — at the “border” of heaven? Time to realign. And our platform on Hispanic Immigration is a good template on how to do that. Note: The Bible’s Good Samaritan story was about a guy who helped another guy — from another country. You don’t necessarily have to be a Theology Major at Yale to figure this stuff out.

Nineveh moment 20… Where might we be ‘confined’ in the afterlife?

Iowa farm bureau photo

What you’re looking at here is a tremendous moral issue with significant spiritual ramifications for most of us. This is a “confinement farm” that has become state-of-the-art in American agriculture these days — representing the far end of the “greed continuum,” both for big farm owners and the consumers as well. Instead of naturally grazing, these animals are raised in crowded ‘confinement’ pens like this for their entire lives. This maximizes profits for the farmers (and other supply side parts of the agriculture industry), and provides us, the consumers, with relatively cheap meat. All the humans are making out on this, right? Wrong. That is if they’re concerned about their souls. For instance, the Catholic Rural Life Association, Pope John Paul II (encyclical: “The Ecological Crisis (A Common Responsibility)”, and a host of moral theologians, see the unethical treatment of animals as, just that, “unethical.” And here’s just one of many dynamics with this… Confinement like this is a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses (oops, there’s that word again) and diseases in general. So the animals (cows, chickens, pigs…) are pumped full of antibiotics. Which, well, is not only bad for the animals, but we end up eating these toxic chemicals as well, in combination with ingesting the toxic steroids that are pumped into the same animals to get them to grow quicker. Do we actually think cancer is showing up in our systems just out of the blue? So now, here comes a coronavirus at us that, well, no antibiotic will stop. Hmm. Note: To look at an agricultural paradigm/platform (mine) not driven by greed at any level, see… Note: Americans also need to be tremendously reassessing how much meat we’re eating with, so many in the Third World who are tremendously malnourished, which will be for another post.

Nineveh moment 19… Time to change the channel uk photo

As mentioned in the last post, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing around the globe in the last 100 years with urgent messages for a mankind tremendously adrift in a sea of sin. For instance, she allegedly told Fr. Stefano Gobi, and Italian priest, that television is the “false idol” referred to in the Bible’s “Book of Revelation.” While the technology in and of itself isn’t inherently bad (St. Clare is actually the patroness of television in the Catholic Church), what many of us have chosen to do with it is bad. For one, a majority of us spend way more time watching it (tv, I-phones, etc…), than we do with prayer, focused family interaction, community outreach… And two, by our watching habits (the shows a majority of us watch drive advertising for more of these types of shows), we have allowed Satan to incrementally manipulate the content to become more, and then more, and then more… sinful. And now we’re at the point where a majority of the “invisible air waves,” if you will, are saturated with sexual imagery, violence, partying (alcohol and drugs)… And wouldn’t you know, now sharing those “invisible air waves” is: a killer virus. First Commandment: “I am the Lord your God, you shall not have other gods before me.” Simple enough. Note: I would use the presidency as what’s referred to as a “bullypulpit” to get this message across.

Nineveh moment 18… Revelation plague: cancer

cancer cell… – photo

In the past 100 years, or so, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been showing up in apparitions all over the world with a set of urgent messages for mankind. (A significant number of these have, by the way, been “Catholic Church approved.”) The overarching message is that we have moved squarely into the end time events predicted in the Bible’s “Book of Revelation.” As an example, Mary reportedly told Fr. Stefano Gobi, an Italian priest, that one of the “plagues” talked about in Revelation is: cancer. Think about it. Just in our country alone, one in three people now get cancer in a lifetime. The reason? Simple. We’re taking carcinogenic material into our systems from man made sources. To grow more food faster, to increase farming profit margins, Monsanto (Monsatan?) coffers, and such, we’re pumping all kinds of potentially carcinogenic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers into the crops. [During an interview with David Orr, who is head of Oberlin College’s Environmental Science Department, he told me these chemicals are creating toxic time bombs in our systems that are exploding into things like, that’s right: cancer.] What’s more, tail pipe emissions have carcinogenic material. Cleaning products have carcinogenic materials. And on, and on… Race for the Cure? Sure. But common sense says that: WE STOP USING STUFF THAT CAUSES CANCER IN THE FIRST PLACE! Even if that’s going to mean some paradigm shifts (“grow organic,” as an example), and lifestyle changes in general (way less driving). You know, people actually used to clean with vinegar and water. Seriously. Time to realign. Note: For a look at part of the shift our administration would push for in the American agricultural world, including organic growing across the board, see…

Nineveh moment 17… Going away to college? photo

I was just listening to an interview with a college admissions counselor who said the coronavirus crisis is playing havoc with high school seniors who would be in the final stages of college trips and picking a college for next year. Now, not only are the campus trips scotched, but with growing economic uncertainty, a good number of students are rethinking going away to a four year college. Good! See, our current paradigm is for kids to grow up in a community developing strong rapport with parents, siblings, neighbors, church members, teachers, coaches… Then, at age 18, a majority head off to distant four year colleges — detaching, more and more, from the people they were close to. After college, the fragmentation continues with the graduates then heading off to the highest paying jobs — wherever they might be. In other words, solid community is often traded in for money. God’s plan? This crisis is giving us the opportunity to realign. Hopefully, more and more of these high school graduates will go to the local community college and live at home, or close by, continuing to work on local community building. In addition, our administration would propose Two-Year-Fast-Track-Associate Degrees that included education streams specific to a person’s field of study, without electives, and such, that are pushed in four-year liberal arts colleges. (Those electives — Who really needs analytical philosophy anyway? — are not so much about a student becoming more “well-rounded,” as they are about a college “making more money.”) So with this realignment, there’s naturally much less student debt and local community building has continued to grow. In addition, in valuing the latter more, there’s much more of a possibility the college graduate will then look to stay around the community to work. Note: The Bible said the early Christians were inspired to “live in community.” So it wouldn’t take a Biblical scholar (versed in analytical philosophy no less), but rather just an “average Jonah” (versed in spiritual common sense), to figure God would be for things that enhanced community. (The Amish have figured this out, and they only go to school through 8th grade.) For more on this, as well as other outside-the-lines “education” platform points, see…

Nineveh moment (16)… “Victory Gardens,” part 2 photo

A woman in our neighborhood, who has a perma-culture in her backyard, recommended residents start to plant gardens to, for instance, supplement any shortfalls in food if this coronavirus things goes for awhile. In essence, these would be like the “Victory Gardens” of World War II. (These were started up to supplement food rations during the war.) And here’s the kicker(s) on this… For decades now, in putting a premium on having a “green lawn,” we have pumped tons and tons of toxic artificial pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers into the lawn, destroying soil and majorly polluting groundwater. What’s more, we’ve pumped countless billions of dollars into this, $40 billion a year at this point — more than the Gross Domestic Product of the country of Vietnam! As president, I’d work to ban these toxic yard chemicals and promote the garden idea across-the-board (including many more yard permacultures as well.) In addition, in Pennsylvania we interviewed a man who was involved with a “Plant a Row for the Hungry” project. A row in his garden was reserved for donations at the local Food Bank. And in addition, some of his savings on food from the garden went into Third World international outreach projects like “Food for the Poor.” It all just makes spiritual common sense. Note: The genesis of the “Victory Gardens” was the war. With the coronavirus, many civic leaders are comparing it to a “war” as well. So much good could come out of this, on so many different fronts, if we look at it as, not just a crisis, but an “opportunity.” Incidentally, if you’d like to see what we’re going to do with the White House lawn, far beyond Michelle Obama’s garden (which was a good start, by the way) see…

Nineveh moment (15)… CO2 and breaking the sixth commandment photo

Our energy gluttonous First World lifestyles are ‘fueling’ global warming at an alarming rate, forming, in essence, an ‘invisible’ bubble around the globe that’s trapping more and more of the sun’s heat. What’s more, scores of people are dying now in more arid countries because of global warming related drought and famine — as just one, of many, dire climate change examples. So, in a very real sense, we are breaking the 6th Commandment by being responsible for these deaths. It’s just that we haven’t been spiritually confronted about it — until Pope Francis showed up on the scene, that is. God allowed this man to become the “Vicar of Christ” on earth. He, in turn, released this pointed environmental encyclical rebuke (“Laudato Si,” translated: On the Ecology, subtitle: “…on care for our common home”), and yet seven years into his pontificate, few people are heeding his words. Or for that matter, they’re also not paying serious attention to alarming sea level rise, massive forest fires, more and more severe weather… So, what’s next on God’s ‘Wake Up Call’ agenda? Could it be an ‘invisible’ (like the ‘invisible’ atmospheric bubble) viral pandemic that’s coming to kill us? Connecting the ‘invisible’ dots, one would wonder, huh. My presidency would tackle this issue head on, and the following is a look at the drastic measures we’d take. See, destroying the planet is, indeed, a big deal. And even more, killing people is even a bigger deal — especially in regard to each of our eternal souls.