I wrote a column today that is titled: Post Modern Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. My contiention is that most people in America (many unknowingly) have become one of these, or both. An excerpt from the column: A man is walking down … Continue reading


We crossed the Ohio River into the state of Ohio at Cincinnati yesterday. And the “Buckeye Backroads Tour” begins… Incidentally, we’re planning on winning Ohio this time… At Guardian Angels Church in Cincinnati, a priest said that with artificial contraception … Continue reading


Spent the week updating more of the position papers [see: “Life Issues”], readying for our next tour, and preparing for a talk I gave tonight at Cleveland’s Whitman House. The monthly event is called: “Soup and Substance.” And tonight I … Continue reading


We traveled south to Seville, Ohio where we stopped to have breakfast at the American Heritage Restaurant. The walls were a cornucopia of, well, American Heritage. There was a picture of a 1932 Plymouth convertible Coupe, price: $595. That’s right, … Continue reading


We’ve headed further south along Hwy 95 to Grangeville, Idaho where I was interviewed by the editor of the Idaho County Free Press, David Rauzi. The last topic we talked about was the tremendous breakdown of the nuclear family in … Continue reading