During some talks at St. Ignatius High School Government classes in Cleveland yesterday (see last entry), I posed a scenario.   I said scientists are now saying that global warming is already causing drought and famine in some of the … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Roads Tour:   We’ve been buzzing (‘Buckeye buzzing,’ if you will — sorry)around the state this last month.   The following are some more vignettes from the road:   In Plain City, Ohio, I put up a black … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Road Tour: We headed northeast into Lancaster, Ohio, where Fr. Peter Gideon at St. Mark’s here said during a Sunday sermon that studies show the average American eats a hefty 1,775 pounds of food a year. I couldn’t … Continue reading


New Year’s eve… This week our family participated in a “Books to Prisoners” event at C-Space in Cleveland.   C-Space has a pretty extensive library of donated books.   Prisoners, in turn, write  specifiying certain topics they’re interested in.   … Continue reading


I attended a Bible Study at the Catholic Worker House in Cleveland last night.   The subject was the “rich man and Lazarrus (the beggar) at his gate” parable.   “Average Joe” cliff note:   The rich man doesn’t help … Continue reading


I’ve spent part of the week painting the porch of a young couple’s place in Cleveland. In their bathroom is a daily calender with thoughts from around the world. The June 27th entry was a Ugandan proverb: “Before you throw … Continue reading