A couple supporters have recently e-mailed asking about our campaign strategies for Election 2012. (By the way, I’ve already declared for 2012.    Listen to the short declaration speech at the top of our home  page.)   In regard to … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Road Tour cont.:   We’re back in Cleveland for our final pit-stop of Campaign 2008.   We are now at the 83,000 mile mark of campaigning over the past three election cycles, including two solid years of campaigning … Continue reading


I’m in the process of trying to set up a talk at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio.   I recently told the Herald Star newspaper in Steubenville that I thought Franciscan was “one of the best colleges in the country.” … Continue reading


average JoeOhio Tour cont:   We headed into Stuebenville, Ohio, where we stopped at Franciscan University.   Every other t-shirt here, and this is not much of an exagerration, has a Bible quote, or a picture of Christ, a picture … Continue reading