Dan Kremer, an organic farmer in Yorkshire, Ohio, just sent me something from the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.   It was titled: Eating Is A Moral Act.   One of the issues raised was: “Supporting fair wages and healthy … Continue reading


My wife Liz and I attended a Bible Study at the Catholic Worker house in Cleveland.   We’ve been studying the book: Sabbath Economics: Household Practices. Liz and I were asked to summarize the chapter on Solidarity.   In part … Continue reading


I wrote a column today that is titled: Post Modern Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. My contiention is that most people in America (many unknowingly) have become one of these, or both. An excerpt from the column: A man is walking down … Continue reading


I spent the last few days extensively updating our position paper on “Agriculture.” (The updated paper should be up within the next month.) Anyway, one of the things I’m writing about is a seminar I attended in Ohio where a … Continue reading