Veterans Day 2022

photo by Joe

*Veterans Day. Towns across America are adopting the “Military Banner Project.” And I am totally on board with this project. These men and women were/are willing to make the “ultimate sacrifice.” They should be ‘front and center’ in our communities. As we should be ‘front and center’ in helping them, not only in the service, but when they get out. There are, indeed, some good Veterans programs. But there, most assuredly, needs to be more. One newscaster today said that 17 Veterans take their lives every day now. And some 33,000 Veterans are currently homeless. Our position paper on the Military addresses this in Section 11. Note: We have traveled the country extensively interviewing Veterans in crafting part of the latter position paper.


selfie by: Joe (Who else, huh.)

A TV newscaster last night said that with Mid-terms 2022 now in the rearview mirror (sans, of course, several ongoing “toss-up” races), the Campaign 2024 presidential race now “officially” begins. Huh. I wish someone would have told me that. I’ve been campaigning, on and off, the whole last year, at least. I really need some campaign consultants! LOL. Incidentally, and on a more serious side, our positions spin around: “uncommon common sense.” (You read that right.) And if you ‘read’ our positions, you’ll see what I mean. What’s more, you’ll see that what we propose is pretty much the only hope for America now. Again, seriously. Most everything else coming out of DC at this point is metaphorically synonymous with: REARRANGING DECK CHAIRS ON THE TITANIC!!!

Quiz Bowl: More than just an academic challenge

Oregon City Schools Quiz Bowl graphic

I just wrote a two-part newspaper series on high school Quiz Bowl. One of the local faculty advisors here said, yes, part of it is about academic preparedness. But he also said the ‘genius’ of it is that football players, cheerleaders, and students who aren’t either, sit side by side on the team, and can’t help but develop some bonds. They are students, he said, “…who wouldn’t normally mix socially.” This is, systemically, a big part of changing the culture in high schools that will lead to, number one, more camaraderie between diverse students. And two, this will, inevitably, cut down on violence/shootings in the schools. And during our travels, I researched a program at Ohio’s Wilmington College where moderators facilitate weekend encounter groups at local high schools, mixing various clique groups. (Think the movie Breakfast Club, without the detention.) I have plugged in more information about this in our position paper proposing a “U.S. Department of Peace.” (See Section 15, Trust and Resolution)

relating to the ‘everyday working class’

selfie by, well, me (…our campaign photographer was on vacation, LOL)

I recently watched a flurry of debates a couple weeks out from the mid-terms. If there was a common denominator, ‘populace’ mantra in these, it would be a version of this: “I can relate to the everyday working people of our state.” Meanwhile, in a relatively small rural village in the Midwest, I’m taking it (ladder) steps beyond, day in and day out, actually being one of those “…everyday working people.” Enough said. Or, actually, I’ll add this…

‘Let the sun shine in…’

solar installation Jenera, Ohio

I just interviewed a man who has had a solar energy company in the area for the past 13 years. During this time, he’s done some 60 solar installations. These have included: at residences, at businesses, at farms… He said this year, he’s seen a marked increase in demand for these. Why? Well, in part apparently, Putin and OPEC have their respective feet on the brake pedals in regard to oil and natural gas. So, in the face of rising prices, and possible shortages/rolling black outs/and such, people are turning to alternative energy sources — like solar. In doing research for the article, I learned the world has just passed the 10% threshold for solar for the first time. For a look at how our administration would approach energy in general, and alternative sources in specific, see…

a flaming sword and a flying missile

Fatima’s “flaming sword”

At Fatima in 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary showed some young children there a vision of an angel with a huge flaming sword. He was about to hurl it toward the earth. As mentioned in the last post, Mary had previously told the children that mankind was tremendously offending God, and this flaming sword deal seemed to be a warning about how dire it all was, and how imminent a major chastisement was (even beyond a looming World War II). With a glance from Our Lady, the angel held back the sword, but bellowed to mankind: “PENANCE, PENANCE, PENANCE…” Now, over 100 years later, virtually everything has gotten exponentially more sinful. And “penance,” except for in a small remnant of people, isn’t anywhere to be found. Popes, during the last century, have said the flaming sword could be what befell Sodom of old, with God sending ‘…fire from the sky.’ Or, well, these same popes have said mankind is fashioning its own ‘sword,’ in the form of nuclear weapons. Don’t look now, but what was reported on in the last post, could be the latter starting to graphically play out. Just sayin’.

specter of war and ‘offending God’

the specter of war increases…

In this last week, Russia illegally annexed more of Ukraine and Putin threatened to use limited nuclear weapons in these regions. This could, of course, escalate into full-blown, world-wide nuclear war. What’s more, North Korea just launched a missile over Japan, as, not only Japan, but South Korea, are now on “high-alert,” and the U.S. has moved an aircraft carrier into the region. And all sides are responding to this high-stakes, geo-political chess match in conventional ways. Akin to, in essence, “…re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.” In 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to some children at Fatima and told them that if mankind did not stop “offending God,” there would be a 2nd World War as a “punishment” for man’s sins. Why would that formula be any different today? What’s more, mankind’s sins are tremendously more egregious today (abortion, gender fluidity, media entertainment that’s off the charts sinful, trashing God’s environment… to name just a few). No, if we want the specter of war to stop, we have to stop doing the stuff that “offends God.” And it wouldn’t take a moral theology rocket scientist to figure out the things I’ve listed, and much more, is what is offending God. And as president, I’d say the exact same thing from the White House.

The name Ian means: ‘God is gracious.’ Hmm.

hurricane approaches

Yesterday, a catastrophic hurricane (“Ian”) swept through Florida, leaving massive swaths of destruction. Today, Ketanji Brown Jackson was officially “sworn in” as the country’s next Supreme Court Justice on the White House’s South Lawn. Is there a connection between what’s happening on the ‘South’ Lawn today, and what happened in the ‘south’ yesterday? The woman being sworn in amidst a gala atmosphere in D.C., is, as just one liberal, ‘woke’ example: for the wholesale slaughter of babies in their mothers’ wombs. And a majority in this nation, at this point, back this woman and that ideology (the Catholic Catechism doesn’t call it an ideology, it calls it: “murder.”) Conversely, what’s the possibility God ‘RAGES’ against such unbelievably blatant sin? Headline from Florida yesterday: “People tempt fate at St. Augustine Beach as Ian ‘rages’ on…’ This is, exactly, what America is doing waving blatantly woke ideology in God’s face, and in a major way: “tempting fate.” And, frankly, based on Biblical history, it never, oh, works out too well for these types of societies. Just try Googling the zip code for “Sodom,” as just one example. Note: The name “Ian” means: “God is gracious.” And God, indeed, is being ‘gracious’ sending us these natural disaster warnings (*and they are increasing considerably of late), in regard to giving us time to repent — before, well, it becomes too late altogether.

‘nuclear madness’ in Ukraine, and everywhere

nuclear plant

With all eyes on the nuclear power plant in the Ukraine, which is currently caught in the crossfire of war, I interviewed a professor at Ohio Northern University who teaches a “Nuclear Physics” class. He said what is going on in Ukraine is a highly dangerous geo-political chess match. That is, if a weapon(s) breaches the water-cooling system at the plant, there could be a meltdown similar to Chernobyl or Fukushima. What’s more, he said that since Fukushima in March of 2011 (an earthquake, followed by a tsunami, struck the plant causing huge radiation releases), countries have been, incrementally, starting to phase out their nuclear power plant programs. Our administration would concur in regard to phasing out America’s nuclear power plants. On a research stop in Luck, Wisconsin, I met with a representative of “Nuke Watch,” and environmental watchdog agency. She said nuclear technology is, indeed, way too dangerous. Example: The Chernobyl nuclear plant meltdown, also in Ukraine, released more radiation than all the atomic and nuclear bomb tests, ever, worldwide. For more on our policy around nuclear energy, see (item 9.)…

bicycles and bucket brigades…

…e-bikes …photo by Joe

With all the climate chaos catastrophes going on worldwide now, I have focused some of my reporting, of late, on alternative energy solutions, and such. For instance, I recently did a story on e-bikes. While researching, I learned that in Denmark, some 37% of the working populace there bicycle to work. Impressive! A local college here recently put in a 1,800-panel solar field. Continental, Ohio (pop. 1,408) just put in a solar field as well. This was being discussed at a council meeting I was covering in a nearby the town. That town was considering a solar field as well. It will be these local, alternative energy initiatives, which are now gaining steam across the country, that will be at the heart of the shift… I’ve also reported on the Northwest Ohio Volunteer Firefighters Association. It was established in 1874 (when they still used ‘Bucket Brigades’), has grown incrementally ever since, and is a first responder lynchpin throughout rural Ohio…