On our journey down Rte. 19 in Georgia, we stumped in the small town of Smithville, where a couple men ¬†told me ¬†there was no longer a grocery store here because bigger ones have gone up in more centralized towns. … Continue reading


Went to an excellent presentation on the book Moral Politics. The presentation was given by Cleveland’s Dick Weber, who is a social worker. Mr. Weber said the basic theme of the book is that there is a “conceptual link between … Continue reading


While in Moscow, Idaho I interviewed Brad Jaeckel who teaches a course on Organic Farming (and runs a 3 acre organic farm Community Sponsored Agriculture project) for Washington State University here. He said there has been a movement in the … Continue reading


We’ve driven west on I-94 to Richardton, North Dakota where I interviewed the Prioress of the Sacred Heart Monestary and Retreat Center, Sr. Ruth Fox. The nuns here installed the first commercial wind turbines in North Dakota back in 1994. … Continue reading


We are back in Bluffton, Ohio, our old hometown. Last night I talked with a local farmer here who is switching his 60 acre farm to organic for “environmental stewardship” reasons. He told me before he would spend, on average, … Continue reading