Buckeye Back Roads Tour cont.:   It’s been somewhat of a whirlind since we launched on this final tour through Ohio.   We stopped in Yorkshire, Ohio, where we met with the Kremers and the Smiths, both organic farming families … Continue reading


I talked to a farmer from Othello, Washington, over the weekend.   She said that on a farm you are tremendously dependent on oil products.   Not only do you need gasoline to power tractors, combines, and the like, but … Continue reading


While back in Cleveland, my daughter Sarah and I attended a session on Sabbath Economics at the Catholic Worker House.   One participant said that our society has become absolutely nuts with complexity.   That is, we now spend so … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Road Tour:   We spent last the evening with Moses Keim, his wife and his son’s family in Oliver Township, Ohio.   They are Amish.   We talked about declinining, moral standards (like modesty of dress), our nuclear … Continue reading


We played “Social Justice Football” with the kids at the Catholic Worker House this week on a  somewhat soggy field.   In Social Justice Football, everybody gets a chance to run, pass, catch…   And although the score was 21 … Continue reading


On the Virginia Tech shootings, the Nichols Mines Amish girls shootings, the Columbine shootings…   It wouldn’t take a professor of Social Psychology to figure this out.   We are awash in media/entertainment violence.   It influences our pysches.   … Continue reading


We met with Mose Keim in Dunkinsville, Ohio.   He’s Amish.   He also designs and manufactures high quality, cedar bird feeders.   Mr. Keim gave us a tour of his small, low-tech plant.   He employs 12 people here … Continue reading