Buckeye Back Road Tour cont.:   On the current ‘financial crisis’…   Foreclosures seem to be starting a chain reaction.   A homeowner is foreclosed upon when they can’t pay the mortgage anymore.   This begs the  question:   How … Continue reading


We traveled from the debate in D.C. to the Green Party National Convention in Reading, Pennsylvania.   The three days at the Convention were a whirlwind for us.   I had declared to vy for the Green Party nomination among … Continue reading


On our journey down Rte. 19 in Georgia, we stumped in the small town of Smithville, where a couple men  told me  there was no longer a grocery store here because bigger ones have gone up in more centralized towns. … Continue reading


A couple entries back, I asked supporters (no matter where you’re at in the country) to google “Ohio newspapers” and send brief endorsement letters to the editor of some of those papers. We are now in the midst of a … Continue reading