“average JoeOhio Tour cont.”   I stumped early in the morning at Rosie’s Soup & Such Restaurant in Tiffin, Ohio.   Great place!   Owner Lori Brown was buzzing about serving patrons, and inbetween trips to the tables, was stirring … Continue reading


I’ve spent part of the week painting the porch of a young couple’s place in Cleveland. In their bathroom is a daily calender with thoughts from around the world. The June 27th entry was a Ugandan proverb: “Before you throw … Continue reading


The following is an excerpt from the beginning of a column I’m currently working on: Okay, let’s talk “weapons of mass destruction.” They seem to be causing the darndest problems these days. We thought Iraq had them. And boy, look … Continue reading


I was interviewed by Mike Smith who is Director of News Operations for a group of Clear Channel Radio Stations throughout a five county area of southern Ohio. He asked me why I considered myself average. I said: “Because I … Continue reading

4th of July

We traveled through the rolling hills of northern Kentucky, stopping first in Flemingsburg (pop. 3,100).   On fourth of July, we talked at length with John Dunn and Dwayne Roller, who  were both  in the Armed Services.   Mr. Roller … Continue reading


Memorial Day… We went on a family picnic in the “Metro Park” in Rocky River, Ohio, today. While eating lunch, we talked to our children about their grandfather (on my side) flying jets off aircraft carriers for the Navy. (He … Continue reading