We  toured a Habitat for Humanity “ReStore”   in LaGrange, Georgia, today.   While there, I interviewed store employee Zach Maxon and store manager Donna Weathers.   I learned the ReStore is a second hand store for construction material.   … Continue reading


I hate to be a party pooper, but… I was talking to a political science professor over the weekend who said that $24 million   had been raised just the Inaugural Ball activity, etc.   What’s more, some five million … Continue reading


There has been talk this week by both major candidates about energy policies…     Our energy policy calls for, among other things,  a dramatic shift to much more sacrifice and the development of renewable energy technologies, I said at … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Roads Tour:   We’ve been buzzing (‘Buckeye buzzing,’ if you will — sorry)around the state this last month.   The following are some more vignettes from the road:   In Plain City, Ohio, I put up a black … Continue reading


My wife Liz and I attended a Bible Study at the Catholic Worker house in Cleveland.   We’ve been studying the book: Sabbath Economics: Household Practices. Liz and I were asked to summarize the chapter on Solidarity.   In part … Continue reading


I talked at a Peace and Justice group at St. Patrick’s Church in Kent, Ohio, tonight.   Before the group, one man told me about falling off his bike and breaking some ribs.   Luckily he has healthcare insurance.   … Continue reading


Black History Month:   At Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia, I interviewed Grant Edkins from Cape Town, South Africa and Yamiko Samu from Malawi, South Africa. They said in their country some 35% of the land has already been given … Continue reading