I continue with work on updating our position paper on the environment… According to the environmental group Green Scissors (Cutting Wasteful and Environmentally Harmful Spending), cattle grazing in the West has become a monumental problem that is polluting tremendous amounts … Continue reading


I have just started to update our position paper on the environment, based on some 15 years of research… A hot (excuse the pun) topic these days is: global warming. It is, indeed, an Inconvenient Truth. And since the Bush … Continue reading


Yesterday National Public Radio did a piece explaining that the homicide rate in America is increasing. Adding to those statistics was a murder last week about 200 yards from our place in Cleveland’s inner city. According to reports, it was … Continue reading


I spent the last few days extensively updating our position paper on “Agriculture.” (The updated paper should be up within the next month.) Anyway, one of the things I’m writing about is a seminar I attended in Ohio where a … Continue reading


We got our first official Campaign 2008 endorsement. (That is, if we’re not counting my wife saying: “Oh alright, but I’m not sure how many more times I’m going to be able to do this.”) The endorsement came from Matt … Continue reading


We took the kids to a jury trial for two Cleveland Catholic Workers who committed a non-violent act of civil disobedience about a month ago. During a prayer/protest rally outside an Armed Services Recruitment Center in Lakewood, Ohio, these two … Continue reading


Vice-presidential candidate needed: We are looking for a vice-presidential candidate who is on the same page as us with all of our most important issues. That is, we are looking for someone who has a Consistent Life Ethic, is strong … Continue reading


Met with Meegan Kresge who is involved with Cleveland’s new “City Fresh” project. Sponsored by Ohio State University’s Agricultural Extension (and a number of other organizations), City Fresh is about inspiring “small scale agriculture” in the city. Ms. Kresge has … Continue reading


We had two used tires put on one of our campaign vehicles this week, because the campaign coffers didn’t have enough for new ones. (Have I mentioned we need campaign donations? … Schriner Presidential Election Committee, 2100 W. 38th St., … Continue reading


I went to a meeting on “affordable housing” last night on Cleveland’s near Westside. Attended by some 60 people, the meeting was sponsored by Neighborhood Voices, a dynamic group that has been proactively advocating for affodable housing in this area … Continue reading