Went to a “Transition Town” meeting in Ohio City here last night.   Transition Town is a worldwide movement of people trying to move their towns toward a ‘fossel fuel free’ environment.   The people at last night’s meeting would … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Road Tour:   We spent last the evening with Moses Keim, his wife and his son’s family in Oliver Township, Ohio.   They are Amish.   We talked about declinining, moral standards (like modesty of dress), our nuclear … Continue reading


In light of the last entry about America’s tremendously dangerous transportation infra-structure…   I was interviewed by Anneli Sundquist last week.   Ms. Sundquist is a free-lance journalist from Sweden and regularly travels the world.   After the interview, she … Continue reading


Before moving to the inner city of Cleveland, we lived in Bluffton, Ohio. I used to take the kids to watch the Bluffton University Baseball Team.   Some of this year’s team members died today in a tremendously tragic bus … Continue reading


In honor of President’s Day today, I’ve decided to become president. (It’s kind of a Norman Vincent Peale thing.)… I recently referenced a talk I went to in Rome, Georgia, about the writings of G.K. Chesterton. During the talk, presenter … Continue reading


We’re in Tehachapi, California, some 4,000 ft above sea level in the Tehachapi Mountains. Today while out jogging on Hwy 202, I was stopped by the scene of a white cross and some flowers by the side of the road. … Continue reading


Whenever I’m asked about our environmental stance, I always say that we’re actually “left of the Green Party.” That is, we think sound “environmental stewardship” entails caring for the environment God has given us with the utmost respect. [St. Benedict … Continue reading