In Valdosta, Georgia, I told an NBC News reporter that we were against abortion.   During a talk at a Mass in St. Augustine, Florida, I said “abortion would end tomorrow” if we took to the streets en masse, flooded … Continue reading


In Brunswick, Georgia, we researched the Hostel in the Forest.   Tom Dennard gave us an extensive tour.   He is the founder of the Hostel and  also teaches a Backpacking Class at Coastal Georgia Community College.   The Hostel … Continue reading


In light of the last entry about America’s tremendously dangerous transportation infra-structure…   I was interviewed by Anneli Sundquist last week.   Ms. Sundquist is a free-lance journalist from Sweden and regularly travels the world.   After the interview, she … Continue reading


Before moving to the inner city of Cleveland, we lived in Bluffton, Ohio. I used to take the kids to watch the Bluffton University Baseball Team.   Some of this year’s team members died today in a tremendously tragic bus … Continue reading


On our journey down Rte. 19 in Georgia, we stumped in the small town of Smithville, where a couple men  told me  there was no longer a grocery store here because bigger ones have gone up in more centralized towns. … Continue reading