Veterans Day… Some 25,000 people came to “The Wall” in D.C. to commemorate Vietnam, and Veterans Day in general, yesterday.    Our campaign  went to southern Washington state several years ago to commemorate it.   There we met with a … Continue reading


My daughter Sarah and I did some volunteer work last night at a nearby “drop-in” center for the ‘Lazarrus’s at the gate (see last entry)’ in our Cleveland neighborhood.   These are the poor, the homeless.    During the night … Continue reading


I attended a Bible Study at the Catholic Worker House in Cleveland last night.   The subject was the “rich man and Lazarrus (the beggar) at his gate” parable.   “Average Joe” cliff note:   The rich man doesn’t help … Continue reading


During a phone-in  interview with MCAM TV in Manchester, New Hampshire, this week, I was asked my take on outsourcing of jobs overseas.   I said the burden for this, for the most part,  falls sqarely on the shoulders of … Continue reading


I did a phone interview with Joe Lahr and Jeff Kassel on the MCAM TV Morning Show in Manchester, New Hampshire today.   In discussing healthcare, Mr. Lahr  said he’d like to see government run Universal Healthcare like most First … Continue reading


In the wake of a President Bush veto of legislation to provide $23 billion for water projects across the country, Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio said he would work to override the veto, according to the Associated Press.   “We … Continue reading


I have just finished Project Vote Smart’s “2008 Presidential Political Courage Test.”   The following is an example of another 100 word essay I wrote for the test, this one on “Social Security Issues”:   I told the News Gazette … Continue reading


For the past several days, I continue to work on Vote Smart’s “2008 Presidential Candidate Political Courage Test.”   Part of the test calls for 100 word essays on various topics.   The following is another of those answers per: … Continue reading