“Average Joe” sighting… Shortly after we drove into Cleveland, I got a call on my cell phone. It was Stephen Piscura who said he’d been following the campaign for awhile now and when he saw our vehicle going by an … Continue reading


We headed into Jeromesville, Ohio (pop. no stores, one service station, and a parrot). The parrot’s name is Olive and resides at the Ewing Citco Service Station, in a cage right behind the cash register. The parrot started to loudly … Continue reading


I was asked to give a talk to all the Social Studies students at St. Mary’s School in Mansfield, Ohio. I also interviewed St. Mary’s Principal Roger Harraman. As former Principal at Woodmore Public School, Mr. Harraman described himself as … Continue reading


Yesterday in Leanordsville, Ohio (pop. 12 houses), I approached a man standing in his yard and gave him a flyer on the campaign. “Boy, you guys usually don’t come around here,” he smiled. In Ashley, Ohio (pop. about seven small … Continue reading


My family and I stood in solidarity with some 175 Ohioans lobbying to legalize the sale of raw milk at a Statehouse hearing in Columbus yesterday. (Ohio has prohibited this since 1997.) One of the participants lamented to the House … Continue reading


I was interviewed by Mike Smith who is Director of News Operations for a group of Clear Channel Radio Stations throughout a five county area of southern Ohio. He asked me why I considered myself average. I said: “Because I … Continue reading


I gave a talk at the Sunday night service at the Agape Worship Center in downtown Waverly, Ohio, last night. Prior to the talk during the “praise report” time, someone thanked God for getting a raise this week “because I … Continue reading


I was just contacted by a reporter who was doing a story on Commencement addresses and she wondered if I was giving one somewhere this spring. I had to tell her that, allowing for a last minute call from Yale, … Continue reading


I told the Messenger newspaper in Adams County, Ohio, that ours could definitely be considered a “Retro Campaign.” That is, we’d like to see a return to the days when all a parent had to worry about when the child … Continue reading


Yesterday around the country we found out which politicians won or lost, and which issues and levies passed, or didn’t pass. A thought about local school levies: Say one didn’t pass in a particular region. What would keep people who … Continue reading