I interviewed Gordon Fine, 67, who is the president of the Student Parent Organization (SPO) connected to Waverly School in the heart of inner city Cleveland. He recently moved from suburban Cleveland to this area because he felt: compelled to … Continue reading


I took the kids to a “Candidates Night” in our neighborhood. There is a mayoral race this year, and the current Cleveland mayor, Jane Campbell, spoke about Hispanic issues (the neighborhood had a big Hispanic population). She said since her … Continue reading


We stopped at the Catholic Worker “Storefront” for the disadvantaged where we volunteer when we’re back in Cleveland. I got in a conversation with a 24-year-old black male who lives in the inner city and is in his second semester … Continue reading


Met with a human rights activist from Columbia, South America. He is currently in the U.S. to raise awareness (behind the scenes) about the plight of the poor living deep in the forests of his country. According to this activist, … Continue reading