“average JoeOhio Tour” cont:   In Massilon, Ohio, I talked at St. Mary’s Church.   I said I believed in a “Consistent Life Ethic,” which means I’m against abortion, poverty, pollution and anything else that can end life prematurely.   … Continue reading


In the last entry, I talked about participating in a debate among independent presidential candidates at the National Press Club in D.C.   One of the questions dealt with each candidate’s stance on abortion.   Green Party nomination candidate Kent … Continue reading


I stumped with a rather large table of “regulars” at the Village Inn Restaurant in Peebles, Ohio (pop. 1,739), today. At one point, I passed out our new campaign flyers to everyone at the table. The flyer quotes reporter Jim … Continue reading


I was interviewed by a reporter from the Modesto Bee, a large newspaper in mid-California. The reporter asked me how the cross-country campaigning has been influencing the children. I said our Sarah, 10, has been exposed to a tremendous amount … Continue reading


We traveled further into southern Louisiana where I was interviewed by the Houma Diocese Catholic newspaper. After explaining the Pro-Life part of my platform, I was asked how I differed from “conservative Republicans” on other issues. I said St. Benedict … Continue reading


We headed into Bowling Green, Ohio where I was interviewed by the Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune. I told the reporter that some 10 years ago, I researched a program called: “Take A Stand for Kids” (TASK) on the Monterey Peninsula … Continue reading


A priest at St. Mary’s Church in Tiffin, Ohio this morning told me he believed people in the Pro-Life Movement should have a fund earmaarked for offering women in crisis pregancy substantial amounts of money (“Like $20,000,” he said.) — … Continue reading


I was interviewed by columnist Frank Grey of the Ft. Wayne, Indiana Journal Gazette yesterday. He asked a series of rather probing questions about my platform, then he asked: “How have you changed since you started running for president?” It … Continue reading


An article ran in Sterling, Colorado’s Journal Advocate yesterday about the campaign. It noted that I said to curb greenhouse gas pollution, we need to cut back on consumer purchases. That is, so much energy is used to manufacture products. … Continue reading