a recap

A recap of the last year:   While the other potential presidential candidates were positioning themselves in various ways for potential runs for Campaign 2012, we were already hard at the campaign.   (I declared for 2012 five minutes after … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Roads Tour cont.: We drove north into Cambridge, Ohio, where I did some impromptu stumping with the late afternoon ‘brain trust’ in a corner of a McDonald’s Restaurant there. Some 12 older guys were spread among about five … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Roads Tour:   We’ve been buzzing (‘Buckeye buzzing,’ if you will — sorry)around the state this last month.   The following are some more vignettes from the road:   In Plain City, Ohio, I put up a black … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Road Tour:   We stumped in downtown Bainbridge, Ohio, yesterday.   At Paxton Restaurant, Don Shoemaker told me he refers to Bainbridge’s Fall Festival of Leaves as the Fall Festival of Theives.   “The carnies come in every … Continue reading


My family and I attended a “Native American Culture Class” at Trinity Church in Cleveland tonight.   It was sponsored by the American Indian Education Center here.   The Center’s Sheldon Glave said it is essential  people understand the true … Continue reading


Black History Month:   At Koinonia Farm in Americus, Georgia, I interviewed Grant Edkins from Cape Town, South Africa and Yamiko Samu from Malawi, South Africa. They said in their country some 35% of the land has already been given … Continue reading