Before moving to the inner city of Cleveland, we lived in Bluffton, Ohio. I used to take the kids to watch the Bluffton University Baseball Team.   Some of this year’s team members died today in a tremendously tragic bus … Continue reading


Just prior to Christmas, my family and I participated in the annual, Catholic Worker:   ‘Social Justice Bowl Game.’   My team, among others,  included my wife Liz, who is from New Zealand and only knows rugby.   And Marie, … Continue reading


While in Holmes County, Ohio, last week, I interviewed Jonas Miller who is quite a historian when it comes to the Amish in these parts. He, in fact, is a narrator during “Country Coach Adventure Bus Tours” through the heart … Continue reading


The kids and I went to a talk last night by Dolores Huerta, who co-founded the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) with Cesar Chavez. To about 350 people at the University of California at Monterey Bay World Theatre, Ms. Huerta … Continue reading


While our children played a sandlot baseball game with a group of Amish children in Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho, I interviewed Elvy Miller who told me the Amish here were feeling a spiritual calling to help facilitate reconcilliation with the Native … Continue reading


We stopped at a Hudderite Community in Valerie, Montana where there are some 111 people living in community because of their Christian beliefs. While they don’t do television and shun many “wordly notions,” they have adopted modern farming technology in … Continue reading


While in South Bend, Indiana, I interviewed Professor Mike Griffin who teaches theology at Holy Cross College here. He is also quite active with the Catholic Peace Fellowship Group and believes there should be provision for those soldiers who believe … Continue reading


While in northern Indiana, we learned of an excellent social justice program. In Kimmel, Indiana, a group of farmers (and others) are involved with a “Common Ground Growing Project.” They are farming a common plot of land, with the proceeds … Continue reading