The New York Times   today carried a front page article about Sacramento, California’s non-profit Municipal Utility that has come up with a creative strategy to get people to use less energy.   On their monthly bills, the Utility  include … Continue reading


I was on the St. Ignatius High School campus this morning and talked with youth minister Augi Pacetti.   He said this week that some of the students were doing “The Great Garbage Challenge.”     For five days, students … Continue reading


I talked with Paul Breen today.   He is a Professor of Finance at Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio.   He said our current financial systems in America, for the most part, all revolve around credit. Professor Breen said when … Continue reading


Just after the polls closed in Alaska early this morning,  I posted my brief Declaration Speech for Campaign 2012.   Why wait, huh.   During a phone interview on the Barley & Baker   radio show out of Barstow, California, … Continue reading


Each of the major candidates have position papers  on crime.   We have a position paper on crime as well.   And the following is a take on our paradigm around crime: National Public Radio did a piece the other … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Roads Tour cont.:   Campaigning last week, we spent the weekend at Ann and Tim Miller’s small farm in Lisbon, Ohio.   They practice: “Apostolic Farming.”   That is, they look at farming as a sacred trust between … Continue reading


Dan Kremer, an organic farmer in Yorkshire, Ohio, just sent me something from the National Catholic Rural Life Conference.   It was titled: Eating Is A Moral Act.   One of the issues raised was: “Supporting fair wages and healthy … Continue reading


The NY Times carried a front page story on Delray Beach, Fla., which they dubbed:  “The Oasis of Sobriety.”   The reason for this is because of  Delray’s “compact geography and critical mass of recovering people.”   There are recovering … Continue reading