The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just released their final report (over a five year study) on Climate Change.   The NY Times reported it is, by far, the most alarming report, indicating we could be looking at … Continue reading


In the wake of a President Bush veto of legislation to provide $23 billion for water projects across the country, Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio said he would work to override the veto, according to the Associated Press.   “We … Continue reading


Yesterday while in Sandusky, we stopped at the Stillwaters Coffee Cafe.   If you want, there is a table where you can write stuff on with a black magic marker.   I wrote:   Vote “average Joe” Schriner for president. … Continue reading


Cleveland — Persistent rains battered the region yesterday… started a Plain Dealer article today. In 24 hours, the area had an average rainfall of about 5 inches. In Kenya, it only rains 9 inches, a year. In Tanzania sometimes, it’s … Continue reading


I talked to some 500 people at an Immigration Rally in Flagstaff, Arizona, today. Through a bull horn, I said several years ago we went to the dusty streets of Juarez, Mexico, to research the conditions there. I graphically talked … Continue reading


Yesterday we entered Nevada, still on Hwy 95. In McDermitt, just across the state line, I interviewed Chris Abbruzzesa, who is a local project coordinator for the Student Conservation Association. Abbruzzesa, two college interns and some local high school students … Continue reading