While back in Cleveland, my daughter Sarah and I attended a session on Sabbath Economics at the Catholic Worker House.   One participant said that our society has become absolutely nuts with complexity.   That is, we now spend so … Continue reading


We played “Social Justice Football” with the kids at the Catholic Worker House this week on a  somewhat soggy field.   In Social Justice Football, everybody gets a chance to run, pass, catch…   And although the score was 21 … Continue reading


My wife Liz and I attended a Bible Study at the Catholic Worker house in Cleveland.   We’ve been studying the book: Sabbath Economics: Household Practices. Liz and I were asked to summarize the chapter on Solidarity.   In part … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Reflection: We had Thanksgiving Dinner at the Catholic Worker House among the poor and homeless of Cleveland (currently the poorest city in the country).   The camarderie, and grace, this evening was palpable.   The turkey wasn’t bad either… … Continue reading


I attended a Bible Study at the Catholic Worker House in Cleveland last night.   The subject was the “rich man and Lazarrus (the beggar) at his gate” parable.   “Average Joe” cliff note:   The rich man doesn’t help … Continue reading


We continue to be back in the Cleveland area where  we’re working on position papers, filing, tour itineray,  and yard work.   The other night our family took a break to play some “Social Justice Football” at the Catholic Worker … Continue reading


I went to a Bible Study at the Catholic Worker House in Cleveland.   It was noted that Jesus was forever talking about bringing more social justice to the world.   Someone noted that, often merely because of circumstances, someone … Continue reading


I attended a talk by Joe Mueller at Cleveland’s Catholic Worker House.   Mr. Mueller is a Christian Peacekeeper Team member who has been to Iraq twice.   On his first trip, last year, the Peacekeeper Team that came in … Continue reading


Our family went to a “Thirsting in the Desert” Lenten prayer service at the Catholic Worker House in Cleveland.   One of the readings was about Jesus fasting in the desert and then being exposed to a series of temptations … Continue reading


In honor of President’s Day today, I’ve decided to become president. (It’s kind of a Norman Vincent Peale thing.)… I recently referenced a talk I went to in Rome, Georgia, about the writings of G.K. Chesterton. During the talk, presenter … Continue reading