While walking over a high expansion bridge into Cleveland yesterday, my wife saw a man huddled under several dirty, old blankets on some beams under an adjacent bridge. His home…   Meanwhile the horrific genocide in the Congo continues, with … Continue reading


A couple supporters have recently e-mailed asking about our campaign strategies for Election 2012. (By the way, I’ve already declared for 2012.    Listen to the short declaration speech at the top of our home  page.)   In regard to … Continue reading


I went to hear Carl Anderson at St. Charles Borromeo High School in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday.   He is the “Supreme Knight” for the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic benevolent organization.   Mr. Anderson has recently written the book Civilization … Continue reading


I talked with Paul Breen today.   He is a Professor of Finance at Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio.   He said our current financial systems in America, for the most part, all revolve around credit. Professor Breen said when … Continue reading


Just after the polls closed in Alaska early this morning,  I posted my brief Declaration Speech for Campaign 2012.   Why wait, huh.   During a phone interview on the Barley & Baker   radio show out of Barstow, California, … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Road Tour completed:    We ‘fought the good fight.’   For the past three days, we continued on through central Ohio, stumping in places like Yorkshire, Versailles, Plain City… On Election Day (today), we were in Columbus where … Continue reading


Buckeye Back Road Tour cont.:   We continue to stump in Ohio.   Last night we stopped in tiny Waynesville, Ohio, where ‘Joe the house painter (that would be me)’ met ‘Steve the house painter’ in the Fan Pizza  joint … Continue reading


Buckeye Backroad Tour cont.:   We drove into Canton, Ohio, yesterday where we met with supporter Dustin White.   Dustin and our family stumped downtown, passing out literature and talking to people.   Dustin did a lot of talking, but … Continue reading